Pre & Post Op

Having Bowen prior to undergoing surgery or post surgery can help reduce complications by relaxing the body and realigning muscles, which may have been compromised during surgery, increasing blood flow and reducing anxiety. Thus supporting the central nervous system to function at optimal level, allowing the body’s innate healing abilities to fully engage for a speedy recovery.

Sports Injuries, Chronic & Acute pain

The Bowen Technique is a valuable tool for sports people with injuries, by initiating the body’s innate ability for self-healing. Bowen can improve post competition recovery times. The holistic effect of Bowen creates balance and therefore can improve performance in pre competition, during competition and post competition examples.

Both Chronic and Acute pain can be supported through maintaining Central Nervous System Equilibrium.

Health & Wellness Support

Homeostasis is a term widely used in natural therapy modalities; it simply means that the body is in a state of stability. On a daily basis either consciously or subconsciously this stability or balance can be upset, either through illness, accident, lifestyle choices, etc. The Bowen Technique will restore our bodies back into this natural state.   Many Bowen converts, ranging from stay at home mums or dads to professional sports people, testify that having regular maintenance Bowen treatments supports their body’s ability to sustain health and wellness.

Newborns & Children

The extreme gentleness of Bowen combined with its effectiveness makes it a very powerful tool for treating babies with colic, constipation & difficult births, relieving their discomfort and maintaining their health. Bowen is a fantastic modality for children of all ages treating conditions from bed wetting to sleeping problems, muscle pain, stiffness and supports general wellbeing.–warning-long