My journey as a Bowen Practitioner began in the mid 1990’s and has fulfilled a lifelong quest for serving people both on a personal level and from a professional level. The Bowen Technique was the catalyst that transitioned me into the later, adding value to others as well as myself.

At 32 I developed asthma, and after a visit to my doctor I arrived home with medication that would supposedly deal with my symptoms, but sadly my symptoms stayed with me if I didn’t take my meds. At about the same time my son was experiencing the same symptoms of asthma. Another trip to the doctor revealed the need for a preventative which after a few short days took my voice away, ( a side effect, apparently).

I decided I’d had enough of this… Let me be clear here, my issue wasn’t with my doctor, it was simply that the meds weren’t for me.

So I began to search for alternatives to the asthma medication and discovered many useful natural techniques. The Bowen Technique and its holistic approach was the one that was a no brainer due to its holistic effects and gentle approach.

Armed with a keen interest in natural alternatives and a passion for helping people, I embarked on my journey to study The Bowen Technique; where I quickly discovered that among other things I was able to deal with my own asthma and my son’s asthma, as well.  The Bowen technique never ceases to amaze me, up until now I have been able to help people of all ages from newborns to the elderly.

I have attained the level of Diploma of Specialised Bowen Therapy, and have gained extra qualifications in Structural Symmetry, Shoulder and Neck Pathologies, as well as, Energy and Vibration Bowen Techniques.

These days my clinic is centred around the Principles of Structure Governs Function. Put simply the more the structure becomes altered by trauma, stress, fatigue and over doing things, the more the function of the whole is altered and becomes dysfunctional which brings about pain and discomfort.

The overall symmetry of the clients frame is assessed by a series of assessments allowing me to ascertain where the culprit tissue is so it can be addressed, thus returning the body back to it’s natural resting state.