• Supports the elimination of unhealthy organisms
  • Comprehensive formula – targets broad spectrum
  • Convenient taste-free vegan capsules
  • NO DIET CHANGES required

Vitaklenz is a blend of herbs traditionally used in Asia, Europe, America & India to support the body’s elimination of unhealthy organisms, and to support a healthy digestive system.

  • Helps the immune system eradicate a broad spectrum of unhealthy organisms
  • Promotes healthy digestion and acts as a liver tonic
  • Balances intestinal flora to fight off candida infections

Bacteria – Bloating – Candida – Diarrhea – Food Sensitivites – Gas and Bloating – Itching – Indigestion – Pinworms – Rashes – Tapeworms


Product Description

How does it work?
Vitaklenz is the result of thousands of years of accumulated knowledge from traditional medicines around the world that have successfully worked in harmony with the body’s defences to eliminate parasites and yeast infestations in humans.

The 12 active herbal ingredients in Vitaklenz are well known to stimulate anti-parasitic, anti-candida and cleansing effects within the human system.

Why do I need to take Vitaklenz?
Recent figures taken indicate that 90% of all adults in the United States host some form of parasitic organsism at any one time.

“I find parasites in 92% of people. Everybody – rich and poor – the whole population have parasites . . . Pets are great carriers of parasites. Also, vegetables may carry parasitic organisms.” Dr. William Kelly, famous cancer specialist.“One of every four people in the world is infected with roundworms, which cause fever, cough and intestinal problems. A quarter of the world’s people have hookworms, which can cause anemia and abdominal pain. Another third of a billion people suffer from abdominal pain and diarrhea caused by whipworms.” The Miami Herald, June 25 1978.

Is your home environment any different?

Who formulated Vitaklenz?
Dr Bernard Barber, one of the world’s foremost parasite experts, formulated Vitaklenz in consultation with us here at Genesis.

Why are there 12 herbs in Vitaklenz?
The formula for this herbal treatment has been carefully designed to maximize the anti-parasitic and anti-yeast properties of each of the herbal ingredients. An extra layer of help has also been included to assist the body to rid toxins that build up from the parasite die-off.

This places Vitaklenz in a unique position – the powerful double action of hitting both parasites and candida yeast hard, but with liver stimulants present to help cope with any unpleasant side-effects of the cleanse.

Additional information

Weight 90 g